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The Study Area

A preliminary investigation report was prepared for the Chatham Borough Planning Board to determine whether the Post Office Plaza study area does or does not qualify as a non-condemnation area in need of redevelopment under the criteria set forth in the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law.


The Study Area includes 14 properties situated in the B-3 General Business District, the B-4 Community Business District and the AFD-4 Affordable Housing District.

The Post Office Plaza Preliminary Investigation Report, dated April 5, 2017 contains an in-depth review and evaluation of each of the 14 lots that comprise the 5.5 acre Study Area. 

The Borough Council determined that there should be another review of the area in need of redevelopment designation due to the perception of possible conflicts of interest regarding deliberations concerning the April 5th Preliminary Investigation Report. Resolution #17-288, adopted by the Borough Council on September 25, 2017, directed the Planning Board to revisit the study area.

On January 17, 2018 the revisited study area report, Preliminary Investigation Report dated January 4, 2018 was presented to the Planning Board. The Planning Board discussed the report and a public hearing was held, offering an opportunity for public comments.



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